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According to the late journalist and author, Hunter S. Thompson, "half of life is just showing up". When it comes to the internet, to be effective you need to be found.

Search Engine Optimization is a critical component of any website. No matter how visually stunning, how informative or how creative your presentation, it won't do you much good unless it shows up. 

SEO Strategies like tagging your pages with the right key words and descriptions will insure that you rank high in results on internet search engines like Google and Bing.

Most Americans - 92% - now own smartphones compared with less than three-quarters who own a computer. Over 60% of worldwide internet traffic is viewed on mobile devices.

Once just an afterthought, the mobile version of your website is now an integral part of your online identity and must be designed with the same aesthetic appeal and functionality of its parent. 






No matter what you are selling or what services you provide, you have a story to tell. It's a story about you, your product or service, and why a visitor to your website should choose you over someone else.

It's a story that needs to be told in a clear and concise fashion, one that contains ample information in as few words as possible. A story that succeeds when your visitor clicks Buy, Donate or Contact.

Unless you are a utility, one thing you can always count on in business is competition. A great website is an important part of any strategy to stand out among your peers.

Chances are that your visitors have already decided to acquire the product or service you are selling. The question is from whom.

The goal of a good website is to convince every potential customer that you are their best choice. A unique and exceptional online presentation will send the message that the same quality and attention to detail is applied to everything you do.






In the world of philanthropy, there is an unlimited number of causes chasing a limited number of funders. Donors have plenty of choices.

Why should they choose you?

The answer lies in your mission and how it is communicated. Your website must give a clear picture of what you are about and why you can be entrusted to carry out the mission successfully. It is important that your story be presented in a format that reflects the seriousness of your cause and moves potential donors to take action.

No website designer can guarantee sales volume or the amount of money you can raise from donors. 

Unlike most template-driven websites, Zalles Web Design starts with a blank screen. Your website will be unique and original, not one altered from a pre-existing design. It will convey the creativity that translates into a positive perception of you and your endeavor.

And you will receive a result not every website owner gets - compliments.

That I can guarantee. 



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