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ABC Cleaners.png

The Ask: In the competitive world of professional cleaning service, create an attractive and unique website.

The Answer: Take an ordinary item associated with efficiency - in this case a checklist - and integrate it into the functionality of the website. Here, the visitor navigates the site as though checking items off the list.

ABC Cleaning Services
O'Connor Cummins.png

The Ask: Create a website for a  member of a profession whose websites look like they were all cut from the same template.

The Answer: Take an element historically associated with bookkeeping - the ledger notebook - and give it a prominent and functional presence on the homepage.

O'Connor Cummins

The Ask: Create a place for an artist to display a wide variety of works in various mediums with the intended purpose of aiding in presentations to interior designers and art galleries.

The Answer: A website that provides a clean backdrop to a diverse portfolio of works, sorted by medium and category, with the functionality that allows the artist to easily add or remove elements. 


The Ask: Find a creative way to market a domain name that is for sale.

The Answer: Create a mockup of a website that recalls the domain's origin and suggests it as a good use for a similar business.

BrainWash CafeLaundromat.png

The Ask: Create a website for an auto services company that exceeds the level of sophistication normally applied to website designs in the industry.

The Answer: A clean, functional and easy to navigate website that meets a rich design criteria and reflects the company's high standards of service.

Concierge Auto Maintenance
Autumn of Life Planning.png

The Ask: Create a tranquil and reassuring environment for those facing end-of-life issues.

The Answer: Display content with videos of autumn scenes that draw the viewer in.

Autumn of Life Planning
Home  AutumnofLifePlanning_edited.jpg



The Ask: Create a website for a non-profit, whose mission is aiding families in crisis, in order to encourage donations by clearly conveying its evolution and its goals.

The Answer:  Infuse a visual focus on families throughout the site without using actual photos of people in need, setting an overall tone to reflect the serious nature of the organization.

Brunswick Partnership for Housing
Home  HousingPartnership.png

The Ask: Replace a dated website with a fresh, attractive and easy to navigate site to profile the work of a non-profit facility that aids the children of families in crisis.

The Answer: A website designed to convey a comforting image to those who may be experiencing a high level of stress. One that compartmentalizes the various attributes of the organization in a format that appeals to both clients and supporters.

Providence Home
SJ Relay.png

The Ask: Create an internet presence for a local fundraising group that previously relied on the national organization website to book activities but now wants their own website to highlight events and attract sponsors. 

The Answer: A modern, elegant website with a local flavor that raises community awareness and participation, while providing a unique portal to the websites of its sponsors.

St. James Relay for Life
HOME  SJ Relay.png

The Ask: Create an NGO website for local branches of the NAACP that encourages membership, participation and dialogue.

The Answer: A template that helps branches manage membership, collect dues, post events, and sell tickets while affording members the ability to conduct conversations and share information.

Brunswick County NAACP
NC Progressive.png

The Ask: Create a blog site for an author of opinion pieces, letters to the editor and political ads.

The Answer: A website where the author's works can be posted and shared publicly while readily available for review by editors and political affiliates from any connected device.

NC Progressive
SJ Progressives.png

The Ask: Create a private site for a politically progressive social club in a gated community.

The Answer:  A members-only social website alternative to Facebook providing privacy and the ability to post events, sell tickets, participate in forums, and follow other members.

St. James Progressives

The Ask: The SJFD internet presence wasdifficult to find and limited to several pages on the town's website. Now it wanted to create a website of its own.

The Answer: A website that features information important to residents, aids in recruitment, and works as a fundraising tool for the department.

St. James Fire Department

The Ask: Create a new website for a community hiking club that promotes more online interaction and participation among members 

The Answer: A website that features a member section that encourages members to interact among one another and provides information about member participation in individual events.

Oakmont Hiking Club
Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 4.16_edited.jpg

The Ask: Design a website for a group trying to save a N. California redwood forest from logging.

The Answer: A website that highlights the beauty of the area as a way to convince viewers that the forest is worth saving.

Save Jackson Forest
Home  jacksonforest_edited.jpg

The Ask: Create a website to attract members and serve as a hub for participants.

The Answer: A website with typical club functionality the quickly highlights the activities the club has to offer via a row of videos on the homepage.

Seniors in Retirement
Home  sir92_edited.jpg



The Ask: Take over management and update the design of an existing website.

The Answer: Without changing the original content, update the look by performing an overall redesign of the graphic interface to create a new look that is unique among political party websites.

Brunswick County Democratic Party

The Ask: Create a campaign website that contains in-depth information but doesn't overwhelm the viewer with lengthy blocks of text.

The Answer: A website that compartmentalizes issues into three sections so viewers can choose how far they want to drill down on each topic.

Tom Simmons for NC House
Senior Dems.png

The Ask: 
Replace a dated WordPress website with a more appealing interface.

The Answer: A more contemporary look with greater use of images and up-to-date technologies.

North Carolina Senior Democrats

The Ask: Create a campaign website that reflects the original thinking that sets the candidate apart from others.

The Answer: By incorporating an element associated with education - the tabbed notebook - the website is unique qualities of the candidate and the office she aspires to.

Sherrill Jolly for School Board
Brunswick Candidates.png
Screenshot 2022-02-15 at 9_edited.jpg

The Ask: 
Find a way that candidates can post campaign information on the party's website without accessing the website's editor and dashboard.

The Answer: A website that transitions seamlessly to the party's site. Candidates can post their own information and visitors are unaware that they are viewing two different websites.

Brunswick County Candidates
Oakmont Progressives.png

The Ask: 
Update an existing website to provide more functionality and an improved and attractive user interface.

The Answer: A more contemporary look with greater use of images and up-to-date technologies.

Oakmont Progressives
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