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Sites for Sore Eyes

One-of-a-kind Websites

Have you noticed that websites are looking more and more alike?

Zalles Web Design creations stand out in a crowded internet. Most websites today are hatched from templates. A Zalles-designed website begins with a blank screen and grows into a unique, visually stunning and functional representation of you, your business, or your organization.

Recent Works

Oakmont Hiking Club.png

This active outdoor club provides Oakmont residents the opportunity to hike in local parks and open space areas. 

Oakmont Progressives.png

Oakmont Progressives is an educational and social club.  As progressives, they stand for a government of, by and for the people.


For more than sixty years, SIR has provided opportunities for active California seniors to enjoy activities with friends, old and new.

Exceed Expectations

ABC Cleaners.png


A first impression is a lasting impression. When your website stands out, viewers can be assured that your products and services will outshine the competition.



Convince visitors and potential donors that you are capable of carrying out your mission when it is conveyed to them in a fully-functional and visually attractive interface. 

Oakmont Progressives.png


Politics is complicated. Viewers will know where you stand when you lay out your positions in a clean, well-organized and easy to navigate online environment.

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