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How You Get It


Growing a website is a collaboration. I bring my technical and design skills to the table. You bring the knowledge of your organization, your industry and its customers.

The success of your website will depend on that collaboration. No matter how attractive, the ultimate goal of your site is to convey information to the visitor that is persuasive enough to prompt a response.

That's our job.

And, no matter how good your content is, it must be presented in a way that encourages visitors to engage.


That's my job.

There are four phases of website development. The first is a client consultation where we review your needs, goals and expectations.

Together, we will lay out the sections of the website and discuss ideas for design and content. We will also work out a timeline for completion that takes into account the complexity of the site and the time you will need to assemble your information.

The content you provide should include photos, product descriptions, explanations of services, key staff biographies, and any other information you would like to convey to your visitors. If you do not have a logo, I will create one for you.

If this is your first website, we will search for the most appropriate and available domain name to acquire prior to publication.

You will find the process of building a website to be an enjoyable and rewarding personal endeavor.


With the information you provide to me, I will proceed to create a design for the entire website consisting of menus, color scheme, images and page layouts.

Upon presentation, you have the option to accept the design as is, request changes or reject my work entirely. Should you choose not to proceed, your initial deposit will be refunded in full, no questions asked. This is the only phase where a refund can be obtained.

As someone who has total confidence in his designs, I continue to offer this guarantee in spite of the fact that no client has ever requested a refund.

This is the fill-in-the-blanks phase where everything comes together. All content will be added in a functional and visually appealing format. Written information may be edited by me to insure that your message is clear and concise. All edits will be subject to your review and approval.

Effects such as links, animations, images, tints, and backgrounds will be finalized. Throughout this phase, you will be provided with a link to monitor my progress.

Once the content is in, we move to search engine optimization (SEO) to insure your website shows up prominently when people hunt for the products and services you offer.


Upon your approval of the finished product, a host account will be created for you and ownership of the website will be transferred to that account. At that time the site will be upgraded and linked to a domain name of your choosing.

Note that fees for hosting and domain purchase are payable directly to the hosting company and not included in my services.

It is likely that once you have lived with your new website for a while, you will want to make some revisions. With that in mind, included in my service is a 90-day warranty whereby any changes, additions or deletions will be made at no charge, thus ensuring that there is no penalty for something overlooked in the initial development phase.

The total cost for my services is $900. It includes everything outlined above. The fee does not include hosting charges or domain name acquisition. Advancements by me for third-party specialty applications or copyrighted material, such as images, are reimbursable. 


To ensure an efficient project, the building process is divided into four parts, as outlined above, with a portion of fees payable at various stages:

1. Analyze - no fee

2. Design - 1/3 of total cost

3. Develop - 1/3 of total cost

4. Publish - 1/3 of total cost

Payments are due at the beginning of each phase.

Following the 90-day warranty period, work will be charged at the rate of $90 per hour, billable in ten-minute intervals.

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